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Special Projects

Theater Scenery

In the spring of 2009, Jennifer Pownall Belmar (J.P. Belmar) was asked to “step out of her box” as a mixed media artist to create the scenery backdrops for a dance production inspired by the music of Vivaldi, entitled “Gloria”.  Outside of size guidelines and a general idea of what the director of the piece was hoping for, J.P. Belmar was given free rein to let her imagination and talents explore this form of expression which was quite new to her.  The work was a great success and received an impressive review in “La Verdad,” a newspaper in Murcia, Spain.  The backdrops, with patterns designed and sewn by Jennifer, combined various types of materials in bright colors that mimicked gothic stained glass windows.  She then painted figures on the “windows” that display her most typical expressions of freedom and nature through images of naked bodies emerging from and blending into trees. The longest drops measured 27 feet high and 3 feet wide.  These cloths inspired the prints in J.P. Belmar’s “Reverence” series, some of which can currently be viewed and purchased through this site, others will be available soon.

Spanish Terrace Mosaic

In May of 2010, J.P. Belmar once again expanded her artistic repertoire by resurfacing the walls of an old, crumbling terrace at a private residence in Murcia, Spain.   Using many of the family’s cherished, but broken keepsakes and heirlooms that they had been unable to part with over the years, as well as many roadside and rummaging finds of her own, she transformed the undesirable space into a bright, happy and personalized environment, literally cementing private memories into the walls of this family’s terrace, simultaneously inviting both a walk down Sentimental Lane and the desire to create new moments to share with loved ones.   This mosaic inspired the limited edition prints in J.P. Belmar’s “Spanish Terrace” series, which will be available to view and purchase through this site soon.