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Giclée Fine Art Prints

Giclées Prints

All prints of J.P. Belmar´s work are reproduced through the giclées (zhee-klays) printing process.  Giclée prints are museum quality images generated from high resolution, digital scans reproduced on archival paper or canvas, ensuring their conservation through the years.  It’s a revolutionary print making process with over 3 million color possibilities that allows for extraordinarily high resolution and the best color accuracy and durability available, rendering the image immutable over time.  The highly saturated, light- fast inks are sprayed through 6 nozzles in fine streams with more than 4 million droplets per second,  capturing all the hues, density and tonalities of the original piece with astonishing precision.

Signing and Numbering

Each print is hand signed and numbered.  On a Limited Edition Print, the number indicates both the order in which the print was produced and the total number of prints in the edition.  For example, 13/50 means that the print is the 13th print in an edition with a total of 50 prints.  Limited Edition Prints are universally considered more valuable than open-ended edition prints.